Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Annalyn"ness"

February Fun!
Annalyn pulled all the window clings off the windows and put them all on one. When I asked her what she was doing, she said, "I'm putting them together so they can be a family."
Then she proceeded to count them for me.
I'm in my closet putting laundry away. Annalyn comes walking in, picks up a plastic hanger and looks at it contemplatively for a few seconds...
"Hey Mom, can I borrow this for a sec?"
(I'm not sure what was running through her mind) 

Feb. 6th - Mom's birthday!
Annalyn's 1st mascara-by-herself experience!

Annalyn was looking at the background picture on my cell phone after a few moments of thoughtful contemplation she said to me,
"Hey Mom, look! It's a picture of your husband and Anna!"

"How old are you Annalyn?"
"Two! How old are you dad? Seven?"

I'm sitting at the computer. Annalyn walks up, climbs on my lap and says,
"Whachya doin' Sweetie?"

Oh be still my soul! She melts my heart!

I woke up this morning to Annalyn jumping up on the bed saying,
"Mom get up it's a bright day...but it's not very sunny."

More scripture reading fun - Annalyn made up this verse:
"And it came to pass that the Lamanites were clapping their hands"

P.S. This nightly event has really evolved over the last couple weeks. Each night the verses are different and contain common scriptural phrases, though they are strung together in ways that don't usually make sense. For example:
"Now behold, there cometh the palace and the king and queen sayeth yes."
"And now behold, the Lamanites were cometh into the fort."
You know, stuff like that. She just says whatever comes to her mind.

I've had allergies something awful! During this particularly itchy, sneezy, stuffy morning the following occurred while I was doing dishes:
Mom: sneeze, sneeze, itch, sneeze, itch, itch, ITCH!!!
Annalyn walks around the corner from the other room.
" hate alligators?"

"Mom, you're the silly one-est"
"You mean the silliest one?"
"No, the silly one-est. I'm right."

Friday - getting ready to run errands as a family (Trav had the day off). I was back in the master bathroom and Annalyn came walking up dressed and ready to go, swinging her umbrella around (it was raining outside).
"Mom, Daddy keeps telling me to stop hitting the walls."
"Well, did you listen to him?"
"No. I just walked away."

I was doing my hair in the bathroom this morning and from behind me I hear Annalyn start singing this song:
"The Wise man built his house upon the tree...(repeat)...and the rains came tumbling up. The rains came up and the floods came down...and the house on the rock stood still."
(It may be because I'm her mommy, but I think she is crazy smart)

Walks up to dad pushing her toy shopping cart, "Dad, my cart is making a funny sound."

Giving Abigail her stuffed bunny... "Hey Abby, here's your 'bummy' rabbit."

Here's Annalyn's form of babysitting:

Abigail woke up from a nap and I was finishing some dishes. In the time it took me to finish washing 2 pots and dry my hands, Annalyn went in there to help. She dumped the basket of stuffed animals and the entire bookcase of books into the crib and when I went to check on them she was trying to read a book to a screaming Abigail.

We read "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" today. A book about the letters of the alphabet who climb a coconut tree and then fall out of it and get hurt.
NOW...Here's Annalyn's made up scripture for the night:
"And now behold, this is not the coconut book. The end."

Driving home from church I asked Annalyn to tell me what she learned in Nursery.
"There was a boy who went into the trees and the sun came down and he prayed!"
"That right smart girl! What was his name?"
"Joseph Smith"
"And who did he see?"
Wow! You go girlie! A huge thanks to our wonderful nursery leaders!

Annalyn was wearing a set of matching pajama pants and shirt. They were green with butterflies on the shirt and flowers on the pants.
While snuggling together quietly, she very seriously said,
"What Sweetie?"
"My pants are wrong. They don't match."
"What do you mean?"
"They should have butterflies on them like my shirt.."

Remember how Annalyn said she wanted to play the banjo? Well, here's the banjo we made together one afternoon. She LOVED playing it!

On a kind of interesting note: Annalyn is very obsessed with "bad guys" right now. She must have watched one-too-many disney movies because she thinks "bad guys" are everywhere. Often she'll want me to go sleep in her room because the "bad guys" are coming to get her. Or she'll randomly come up to me in the house in broad daylight and say, "Mommy, mommy, pick me up. There's a bad guy."
She always tells me that the "bad lady" in Tangled fell out the window, or "Latso the bear, he not very nice."
Hmmm...anyone else dealt with this?

Mom, "Annalyn, if you need to go potty at Irelynn's house, what do you do?"
Annalyn, "I tell Shannon Carey."
(That's Irelynn's mom's name - smart of her to pick that one up)

While driving in the car:
Anna, "Mom, are we going to Sade's house on South Firethorne?"
(That's one of main roads by our house. How did she learn that we drive on that road to get her friend Sadie's house?)

Annalyn really likes the Tinkerbell movies right now. Quoting on of them, from the back bedroom the other day I heard:
"Uuurrggg! Where's my pumpernickel muffin?"
(The word pumpernickel had a few extra syllables in it and it sounded so funny!)

Annalyn walks up to me and starts poking my shoulder saying,
"Bother, bother, bother." (In a british accent, none the less).
"Annalyn, where did you learn that?"
"From Aunt Hannah."

Fun event at night when Daddy gets home from work,
"Daddy, giggle me! Giggle me!"
(Her word for tickle)

Annalyn wants TWO of EVERYTHING!! At church we had a meltdown during the sacrament because Annalyn wanted 2 pieces of bread. Loudly in the chapel she's saying, "But I want 2 because I'm 2!" We had to take her out until she calmed down. But this occurs ALL THE TIME! When watching a video, "But I get 2 because I'm 2."
Snacks: "I want 2 because I'm 2."
Books, Walks, Friends over, etc.
It also works for mom though,
"How old are you?"
"Then I need you to take at least 2 bites of those mashed potatoes." (her least favorite food)

Anna "Mom, we should take this back to Miss Christy's house."
"You want to take this to Miss Christy's house huh?"
"No Mom, I can't drive. When I'm bigger I can drive."
Annalyn likes to shorten words: 
Her common one right now - purple = purp
She has a multicolored night light and likes it to be on "purp."

One of those rare occasions when Annalyn naps these days. Those days are very few and far between so when they happen, I have to capture them forever! In this picture are 3 of her favorite things, her flower pillowcase (it's a tough night when it's in the laundry), Wacky Wednesday, and her Teddy.
One morning while cleaning:
"Yes Anna?"
"Mom, is Abby okay to be on the kitchen floor."

Annalyn watching me type on the computer:
"Wow mom, you are Faaaast!"

One night when Dad came home from work:
"Annalyn, how many times were you in timeout today?"
"Oh...40 days."

One morning getting ready in the bathroom, Annalyn was just hanging out in her jammies with Teddy. I turn around as her conversation was getting quite intriguing and found...
She had sat Teddy on the ledge of our bathtub and was proceeding to give him a "talking to."
"Now Teddy, you are too big to be getting in Abby's crib. Do you understand? Cribs are for babies and you are not a baby, you are a big Teddy. No more of that okay?"
Mom, "Annalyn, what are you doing?"
"Me and Teddy needed to have a talk because he was being bad."

Now were into APRIL ANNALYN"NESS"!!!
Sunday! Annalyn ran up to me after nursery so excited to show my her coloring page. The page was split in half with a picture of baptism on one side and a picture of confirmation on the other.
"Oh Annalyn, that's beautiful! You did a great job coloring. What's this a picture of?"
"Being baptized."
"And what's this a picture of?"
"Being sunburned."
LOL! It took me a minute to get it, but she was trying to say confirmed and forgot the word for it! Such a sweetheart!

Any pinterest lovers out there? I try not to get on too often, but I do love it!
One evening Annalyn climbed on my lap.
"Mommy hold me."
"Okay, do you want to do something with me Anna?"
"What should we do together?"
"Let's go pin stuff! That's a good idea!"
Anyone who follows my inboard - if you see a random selection of pins that have no correlation and probably have very colorful pictures - it's most likely happening with Annalyn on my lap.

Daddy bought a new TV the 1st of April. In the spirit of "not breaking it" Daddy told Annalyn that she wasn't even allowed to touch the box. Well, the next morning, Annalyn took my hand and showed me the new TV (still in the box),
"Mom, this is Daddy's new TV. But don't breath on it. It's fragile."
(This comes from Tinkerbell also)

When I told Dad this story he said, "Tinkerbell is a girl after my own heart!"
(I must say, that's one of the funniest things I've ever heard come out of Trav's mouth!)

Easter Egg Dying: "What's gonna happen?"
"Anna, come here please."
"Hold on Mom. I'm kinda distracted over here."

Coloring one morning:
"Mom, what color is Cindrella's hair?"
"It's blonde"
"Blonde? Like Rapunzel's?"
"...well, that's not what I spected."(i.e. expected)

Around her birthday we had lots of balloons around the house. One afternoon she came to me in tears:
"Mom, fix it!"
"What's wrong sweetheart"
"My balloon is melting."

She also came to me a few days later and said, "My balloon is blowing down mom. Can you blow it back up?"

Cute word of the day: Envelope pronounced "Embayope"

Annalyn to Travis:
"You're a Daddy Princess."
"Does that mean I'm a Prince, or a Daddy of princesses?"
"No, you're a princess."

The most common way that "whose turn is it to pray" is decided at our house:
"Eenie, Meinie, Mo,
Catcher by the toe
Make him pay every dollars every day
And you are not it!
"That means _____ gets to say it."
finger moves in a  circle very fast while she says her little rhyme, and then she just picks at random whoever she feels like. Pretty cute!

Favorite past time recently - playing grocery store:

I need to document a new and very welcome turn of events for May. Annalyn tells me all the time:
"Oh your right Mom. You're right! Good job mom, you're right!"
Nearly every time she asks me a question and I answer it is followed by:
"(chuckle) oh your right Mom. You're right." (and yes she always repeats herself twice when she says it) There will come a day when she thinks I don't know anything (or so I'm told), but right now she thinks I'm pretty smart.

A wednesday night:
Anna, "I think Mom should say the prayer."
Dad, "Mom can't pray she's a Young Womens."
Anna, "Well, I'm a mom cuz I go shopping at the grocery store."

We're working on a reward system right now with Annalyn. She has a sticker chart and when she does what she's supposed to she gets a sticker. When she reaches her goal of the whole chart filled up, she gets a prize.
"Annalyn, remember the prize on top of the fridge. Do you want to earn it?"
"I can't mom. Not til I get my chart all stickered up."

Annalyn put on her rapunzel dress this morning. She went into the bathroom and put on lip gloss (pink princess lip gloss none the less). Then she emerged from the bathroom, posed, smiled at me, and announced that she was going to the temple to marry grandpa and would I like to come?

There will be much more to follow! This girl is a ball of fire! She is smart, happy, and SOOOOO MUCH FUN! Stay tuned...


 Abigail is walking officially as of 5/24/12! Last week we were up to 4-5 steps, and now look...

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Frying pans, blonde hair, and turning 3!

Here she is! Annalyn, our little Rapunzel, is 3 years old!

Since her favorite movie is Tangled, she asked for a Rapunzel birthday party.
This mommy went a little overboard with preparations for "my little girl's 1st party" and here is a boatload of pictures to document the event.

Let me also begin by making the disclaimer that most of these ideas were simply found on the internet. A few minutes on Google and Pinterest (plus a pinch of love and lots of Mommy's time) and Voila! A party fit for a princess!

Annalyn got a Rapunzel doll and matching dress so she could look the part on her special day.
1st: The Invitations and Decorations!

2nd: The Food
Love the frying pans!
Everyone got a kabob stick and they could build a "tower of food" by stacking the fruit and cheese cubes!
"Rapunzel's Braid Rolls"
We had veggie pizza and...notice the blue jello cups?
They were topped with these...
"Flynn and Rapunzel's boat" jello cups!
We also had my version of "Hazelnut Soup" = Prezels dipped in Nutella!
Annalyn helped set the table! She loved the Rapunzel napkins and had to give everyone 2 cups!
Love the braid and suns as centerpieces! Smile birthday girl!

3rd: The Cake
I stayed up Wednesday night and made this...I thought it turned out pretty good ;-)
Sad Story: I woke up Thursday morning and the tower had crumbled to pieces (it's made out of rice krispie treats). It had crumbled all over the cake and I had to resurrect it. I glued a section of the rice krispies back together and had to refrost a bunch of it. Sadly, the pictures are of the 2nd, slightly refurbished version, but it turned out just fine in the end!
4th: The Games:
"Decorate Rapunzel's Braid"
Annalyn modeling the beautifully decorated braid!
Game #2: "Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn Rider"
Game #3: "Tie Daddy to a Chair with Rapunzel's Hair"
Present Time!
Favorite thing about 3 year-old birthday parties: All the kids want to help unwrap the presents
She loved all her gifts! Especially this Rapunzel tea set!

Her Friends:
Anna, Gabe, Kiera, Sadie, Annalyn, and Irelyn
The 3 Rapunzel's! (They're even all blonde)

Cake, Candles, and Ice Cream!
And Finally Game #4: Letting "Balloon Lanterns" go into the sky!
Annalyn was waving as the balloons floated away!
All the kids LOVED this activity! Each of the kids let 1 balloon go and when they saw how cool it was they all wanted to take their 2nd balloon (I got for them to take home) and they let the 2nd one go too! They were riveted! SO CUTE!

Well, Here's our Princess with her frying pan.
She was so tired after all the fun, but has hardly talked about anything else since.

Happy Birthday Our Sweet Annalyn! May 3 be the best year yet!